Hootenanny of Pain (duhbigman) wrote in kenosha_genius,
Hootenanny of Pain

Would you feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving?

Has anybody here listened to the audio version of Peter Bogdanovich's This Is Orson Welles?

To clarify: Bogdanovich published a book of interviews with Welles with that title in the early '90s -- but he also created and released a series of audio tapes with many of the actual recordings of the interviews.

Anyway, if you can get a hold of it, I recommend it. Quite the document. The recordings aren't great, but you can hear him and Orson clearly enough. It's like the book, but you're actually hearing it, with all the background noises and the spontaneous laughter and joking among the discussion as well. Orson was quite the raconteur and wit.
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I have a copy, and it is fantastic, in my opinion. Also, Bogdanovich edits (sometimes rather judiciously) Orson's ramblings in the book. The tapes are the real, unbridled Orson. So much fun. :)
Yes -- I love Orson's unbridled spontaneity in the recordings. You can't get that from a transcript, even a faithful one. And many of Orson's ramblings were far more entertaining and intelligent than better-thought-out sayings from most other people.

There was one point in the book when Bogdanovich purposely edited out Orson's opinions on several other directors, out of consideration for the ones still living, I guess. I thought that was a shame -- I wanted to know what he thought of his contemporaries.