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A few months ago I picked up a Welles biography titled, what else, Orson Welles. It's written by Ben Walters and it's just a paperback with about 150 papers. For the first 30 pages or so, the author hints and almost bluntly talks about Welles' sexuality and his relationship with teachers at his school and other men in his life. Overall it gives off the impression that Welles could have been bisexual. I have looked all over the interent for more infortmation on the subject, and I couldn't find anything.

Has everyone else heard about Welles' possibly bisexuality? If so, where? And do you think it could be true?

The book just really surprised me and I would like to hear other's opinions.
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If there had been something there, Houseman, Macilliamor, Francis Carpenter, or Chubby Sherman would have made some mention of it. The fact that none of them do, and the fact that Charles Higham's hatchet job never says anything gives lie to any hard evidence.

Simon Callow is a homosexual and never makes any mention of actual bisexual encounters.
Hmm. The book also talk about a possible relationship between Welles and Houseman, Welles' Father and a family friend, also Welles and a mentor, Skipper Hill.

But, you are right - why wouldn't there be anymore information on the subject - well, unless Houseman and Sherman didn't think it mattered?

Thanks for your response. :]
It's been a long time since I read the book, but I believe Simon Callow does touch on it several times in Road to Xanadu. He argues that Welles' continued insistence on making light of stories about older men trying to molest him (a friend's father when he was young, a teacher at school, etc), stories which always culminate in Orson's miraculous escape, demonstrated his own marked insecurity and worry that other people might think he was gay. Callow wonders if there might be something to that, but doesn't actually speculate too much.
Yes, and the book that I read also talked about how he wrote plays about homosexual boys.

It quotes - adopted orphan . . . as old as Egypt, this busy little bitch boy

Hmm, but it only speculates.