Hootenanny of Pain (duhbigman) wrote in kenosha_genius,
Hootenanny of Pain

"A toast, Jebediah, to love on my terms."

Here's an entry I posted in the film_classics community a couple of years ago, regarding Citizen Kane:


This post (and, in fact, the community itself) was inspired by a debacle from the classic_film community that began when some high school kid posted "Citizen Kane sucks!!!"
I continued the conversation here because it annoyed me a little that even some of the people who had been defending or explaining Kane didn't really seem to get it -- they were dismissing it as a cold "technical exercise" without any real emotional substance, and that compelled me to respond as I find Welles' films in general to be very emotionally affecting as well as technically/structurally impressive.

Anyway, I just came upon the post again and thought you might find it (and the accompanying discussion) interesting...
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